Several key challenges face today's world. Longevity is one of them.

All global challenges, from Covid-19 and climate change to longevity, must be met with an equal input of resources and with bipartisan support and commitment by government, industry and researchers.

Longevity has a special significance which differs from the other two in that never before in history have so many people lived for so long and created such an unavoidable challenge.

While humanity rejoices in our capacity to enjoy more years of life, the fact is that the huge social and economic impact of Longevity will continue to grow until at least 2050. Its primary challenge is that it must be financed via adequate incomes. This must be accompanied by a considerable investment in health, housing & recreation as well as the creation of new employment opportunities and skills training for the millions who will want to work beyond the traditional retirement age.

None of these tasks are beyond Australia’s capacity to achieve provided we immediately start to plan and implement huge changes in traditional Ageing policies that have now reached their use-by date.  CRC Longevity has the research and planning capacity to spearhead the achievement of these challenges and influence governments to adopt revolutionary changes.

It is a partnership of eight outstanding Australian Universities that represent a wide range of communities across our continent and which has the skills to discover solutions to every challenge that Longevity creates.

Its structure combines the resources of both the public and private sectors of Australia and has the vision to adapt to an ever-changing world.

In particular, industries that have joined the universities as partners of CRC Longevity will be enabled to research the goods and services required by an ever-expanding ageing market and then meet those needs in a manner that provides prosperity for all.

Our Panel is honoured to work as advisers to CRC Longevity. We are confident that it will have real input in ensuring that Longevity becomes an asset of our nation, not a liability.

We look forward to making a meaningful contribution.

The CRC Longevity Advisory Panel



Professor Vicki Sara AO


What is the Longevity Bonus?

The extra 10-30 years Australians are now living compared to more than 100 years ago.

Susan Ryan, in her speech to the National Press Club on 17 September 2014, described the longevity bonus as ‘a demographic revolution which demands a further revolution in the way we work, and in the intergenerational compact we make with one another. Demographic change need not be a crisis but an opportunity – a wave we can catch and ride to set Australia up for success now and throughout the rest of the 21st century.’

Kathryn Greiner AO, CRC Longevity Chair of the Board, explains how industry and government will benefit from access to real-time data in the Longevity Atlas.

State of Play

Longevity globally - the state of play

Longevity will be one of the greatest drivers of innovation in the next 100 years.”

Joseph Coughlin, Director, MIT Age Lab

The Opportunity


Human Mortality Database, 2018.

The Australia-wide, collaborative CRC Longevity brings together industry, government and researchers to deliver deep insights that drive innovation in new services, products and policies for older Australians. It will be guided by the needs and wants of individuals and communities, providing industry and government with hard evidence to support investment, and lead to approximately $33 billion in annual economic opportunity by 2030, increasing GDP, exports and growth in high value employment for Australians, and positioning Australia as a leader in the global longevity economy.

Traditional assumptions about the 65th birthday are a roadblock to Australia’s future economic growth and sustainability. The complete lack of appropriate services and products illustrates that industry and government didn’t see the longevity bonus coming and is ready for disruption. CRC Longevity will disrupt and deliver employment, productivity, and products and services – and will position Australia as a global leader. CRC Longevity will disrupt the birthday that changes everything.

The CRC Longevity will deliver economic and business growth by focusing on three key areas: employment and job creation; productivity; and new products and services.

Longevity challenges and opportunities employment
Longevity challenges and opportunities productivity
Longevity challenges and opportunities new products and services

The CRC Program

The Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Program is the peak funding initiative of the Australian Government for industry-focused R&D.

The CRC Program supports industry-led collaborative research between industry, researchers and the community for a term of up to 10 years. CRC partners solve industry identified problems and improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries.

The CRC program aims to increase R&D capacity in small to medium enterprises, and encourage industry adoption of research outputs, establish industry-focused education and training program, and finally provide tertiary opportunities that builds future capability and capacity. To date the Australian Government has funded more than 220 CRC’s valued in excess of $4.5 billion.

CRC Longevity is applying for grant funding as part of CRC Round 22.


“This is not just about improving the situation for individuals, critical though that is. Deloitte Access Economics estimates a 3 per cent increase in participation by the over 55s would generate a $33 billion annual boost to the national economy.”

Dr Kay Patterson (2019, Age Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission)

The immediate beneficiaries of the CRC Longevity are the end-users of the CRC Longevity research – the industry, government and NGO partners who will turn the research outputs into economic and social opportunities to benefit the Australian economy and community.

Ultimately the net benefit to older Australians of the future will also be significant as the interconnected effects cascade through improved products, services and policies to meet their lifestyle, economic and wellbeing needs.

The CRC Longevity will drive economic growth across the Australian economy, specifically in organisations that require market intelligence, competitive business data and live testing environments. The CRC Longevity outputs will drive the development of new, high-quality and tailored products, services and policies that account for the social and economic impact that longevity will likely have on their customers and businesses.

Industry stakeholders who can benefit from the CRC Longevity outputs include:

CRC Longevity interested stakeholders

Application Timelime

The timeline for applications for CRC Round 22 are:

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