CRC Longevity team plans re-bid for CRC Round 23 grant funding

CRC Longevity team plans re-bid for CRC Round 23 grant funding

Last week the CRC Longevity team were informed by the CRC Association that we were unsuccessful in our application for a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Grant for Round 22.

We offer our sincere congratulations to the three successful teams:

  • The Digital Finance CRC.
  • The Marine Bioproducts CRC.
  • The Heavy Industry Low-Carbon Transition (HILT) CRC.

While this is disappointing news for our Team Longevity, we appreciate that it is quite rare for a CRC to get funded on the first attempt. We now move onto Plan B – re-submitting for a Round 23 CRC grant. Applications opened this week, with Stage 1 closing on 24 August 2021.

We thank the CRC Association for the positive and constructive feedback we received on our Round 22 application, and are heartened by the acknowledgement of the committee of the importance of addressing the substantial national issues associated with an ageing workforce, a sentiment that was also highlighted in the 2021 Intergenerational Report released by the Australian Government last week.

We also offer our deepest thanks to our leadership team, researchers and 91 industry partners who contributed their time and energy to our Round 22 submission. Our Team Longevity is very strong, and doing good business together is at the forefront of our thinking and mission. We have a wonderful combination of passion, innovation and commercialisation, and we look forward to working together in the coming weeks and months to finely tune our bid – making it even stronger and more robust.

Together we can create positive social and economic change that will impact all Australians.


Kathryn Greiner AO.  Chair, CRC Longevity.

Professor Laurie Buys, Chief Scientist, CRC Longevity.



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