CRC Longevity welcomes 13 new partners

CRC Longevity welcomes 13 new partners

It gives me great pleasure today to announce today that we have welcomed another 13 partners to our CRC Longevity team, and upgraded three existing partners to new partnership levels.

This means our team now totals 91 PARTNERS, including our eight University partners! As an industry-led research project, this is just an outstanding result. The level of commitment and support we have from industry, government and community organisations to both participate in and lead CRC Longevity is going to be essential to our success. We have certainly formed an incredible longevity network, who will help to create and have access to world leading research and data.

Please see below for an introduction to each of our new partners, and details on our three partners who have upgraded their partnership. For a full listing of all CRC Longevity Partners, click here.

If you have any questions about CRC Longevity or our partners, please don’t hesitate to contact our Chief Scientist and Bid Leader, Professor Laurie Buys.

Kind regards
Kathryn Greiner AO
Chair of the Board, CRC Longevity



Achieve Australia is a for-purpose community organisation that has been providing accommodation and services to people with disability since 1952. They champion social inclusion, focusing on the individual needs and lives of the people they work with.

Find out more about Achieve Australia.


Brisbane Diamantina Health Partners (BHDP) is an innovative partnership that integrates research, education and care to improve health outcomes. Established in 2014 and accredited by NHMRC as an Advanced Health Research and Translation Centre in 2017, BDHP brings together 11 organisations including Queensland Health, Brisbane’s Hospital & Health Services, Children’s Health Queensland, Mater private health group, Queensland’s major Universities and Research Institutes, and most recently CSIRO’s eHealth Research Centre.

Find out more about Brisbane Diamantina Health Partners.


The Centre for Work Health and Safety is a research centre within the Department of Customer Service in the NSW Government. The Centre leverages cutting-edge research and data to propose and enable innovative harm prevention strategies, creating awareness and suggesting smarter approaches that bring about behaviour change in work health and safety across NSW.

Find out more about the Centre for Work Health and Safety.


Duplex Healthcare has been providing infection control cleaning equipment to the healthcare industry for over 25 years. They take pride in preserving the earth and combating Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) with humanless, chemical-free, and water-saving cleaning solutions.

Find out more about Duplex Healthcare.


Established in 2014, HalleyAssist was the first developer of technology and artificial technology (firmware) to address ambient-assisted living in Australia. The HalleyAssist mission is to provide technology solutions to improve AI powered health monitoring. This allows the ability for the ageing, disabled and those with health risks to maintain safe and supported lives and to allow them to live safely and for longer in their own home.

Find out more about HalleyAssist.


Multicultural Australia provides welcome and support to more than 5000 newly arrived Queenslanders every year, including refugees, migrants, international students and people seeking asylum. Since their foundation in 1997, they have been dedicated to building a welcoming Queensland where all new Queenslanders have the opportunity to fully contribute to and participate in a multicultural society.

Find out more about Multicultural Australia.


National Farmers Federation (NFF) is the peak national body representing farmers and more broadly agriculture across Australia. NFF engages in a broad range of economic, social, environmental and regional issues of strategic importance to the productivity, sustainability and growth of the agricultural sector. NFF’s mission is to secure a strong and sustainable future for Australian farmers by representing the common interests of their member organisations.

Find out more about National Farmers Federation.


Novigi is an advisory and data services firm. They design and implement cutting edge data, integration and automation solutions that transform business functions and deliver efficiency, insight and innovation outcomes for their clients. They bring a wealth of intelligence, creativity and technical know-how to problems predominantly in Australia’s superannuation and aged care industries.

Find out more about Novigi.


The Queensland Farmers Federation (QFF) is a federation that represents the interests of 21 national
& peak agriculture industry organisations, which in turn collectively represent approximately 14,000 primary producers. QFF engages in economic, social, environmental & regional issues of strategic importance to the productivity, sustainability & growth of the agricultural sector.

Find out more about Queensland Farmers Federation.


Situated in south-east Queensland, Redland City is made up of 537 square kilometres of mainland and island communities. Redland City is a high amenity Queensland bayside community which has served to both attract and retain an ageing demographic. The city will likely observe accelerated impacts of an ageing community, given a higher median age than the state and national average.

Find out more about Redland City Council.


Founded in 2011, the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) is Australia’s only independent think tank solely focused on better outcomes for Regional Australia. Their evidence-based research and community engagement enables them to develop strong policy outcomes to transform Australia’s future.

Find out more about the Regional Australia Institute.

SOUTH EAST COUNCIL CONSORTIUM of City of Greater Dandenong, Cardinia Shire Council and City of Casey

Representing 634,000 residents, the South East council consortium of City of Greater Dandenong, Cardinia Shire Council and City of Casey is located 35-85 kilometres south-east of the Melbourne CBD. The South East Council consortium is committed to growing and nurturing community connectedness and wellbeing by ensuring liveability, prosperity and sustainability in the region.

Find out more about Cardinia Shire Council.
Find out more about the City of Casey.
Find out more about the City of Greater Dandenong.


xShopper Pty Ltd provides professional technical advisory services to a wide client base in Australia and globally. They have bridged the gap between academic research and industrial application in numerous programmes including offshore exploration, technology innovation and advanced analytical methods. The xShopper project provides a platform for increasing customer engagement in online shopping using automation.

Find out more about the xShopper project.



The University of South Australia have upgraded from an Essential Partner to a Core Partner of CRC Longevity.  They will contribute to all CRC Longevity Programs, and co-lead the Live Well and Prosper research program.

Find out more about the University of South Australia.

Sunshine Coast Health Institute

The Sunshine Coast Health Institute (SCHI) is a dedicated education, training and research facility, contributing to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital’s (SCUH) vision of ‘providing excellent care through collaboration, enquiry and education’. SCHI have further strengthened their Core partnership by increasing their committed resources in both people and funding.

Find out more about the Sunshine Coast Health Institute.


Practera create opportunities for people through accessible experiential learning. They have upgraded from a Supporting Partner level to an Essential Partner level.

Find out more about Practera. 



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