Introducing the CRC Longevity Economic Modelling Team

Introducing the CRC Longevity Economic Modelling Team

By Professor Laurie Buys, Research Director, CRC Longevity

Since we heard the news that we were successful in reaching Stage 2 of CRC Round 22, our research team leaders and industry partners have been working full steam on our Stage 2 submission, and planning for our interview in February.

Stage 2 has two key parts to it. Overall we are progressing very well and are on track with development.

  • Submission of our Stage 2 application, including our Impact Tool and responding to Stage 1 feedback: due 18 January 2021.
  • Interview with CRC Committee: one hour on either 25 or 26 February 2021.

The Stage 2 application includes submission of our Impact Tool, and addresses the feedback from the CRC Committee on our Stage 1 submission.

The Impact Tool calculates the economic impact of our programs, based on the milestones we created during recent co-creation workshops with our industry partners.

This work is highly specialised with economic calculations and justifications. We are lucky to have an incredible economic modelling team undertaking this work, led by Professor John Mangan, Dr Patrick Silvey and Joe Branigan.

CRC Longevity Economics Modelling team

If you have any questions about our Stage 2 submission, or would like to speak to us about partnering with CRC Longevity, please get in touch with me.

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