Governance and Management

The Longevity Steering Committee is the main governance body for CRC Longevity until the CRC formally commences. When CRC Longevity is approved by the Commonwealth of Australia an operating company will be incorporated.

CRC Longevity will take the form of a company limited by guarantee. The company structure is represented in the following organisation chart.

CRC Longevity Organisation Chart

The Board

Kathryn Greiner AO CRC Longevity

Kathryn has contributed to a wide range of leadership positions in public and private companies, government bodies and non-profit organisations. Her professional career has focused on Health, Education and Community Development. She has led or participated in a number of organisational reviews. These have included the Review of Funding for Schooling in Australia (The Gonski Review); a Review of Governance Structures and System Funding of Catholic Schools for the NSW-ACT Bishops; and a Review into Retirement Villages in NSW.

Greg Vickery AO CRC Longevity

Greg Vickery AO is a corporate and commercial lawyer for Norton Rose Fulbright. He is the current Chairman of the Law Council of Australia’s Business & Human Rights Committee. He has been a voluntary member of the Australian Red Cross for more than 40 years and in 2013 was made an Officer of Order of Australia for his contribution to governance and leadership of humanitarian aid organisations.

Bid Team

Professor Laurie Buys CRC Longevity

UQ profile – Laurie Buys

Laurie Buys, PhD is Professor and Director of the Healthy Ageing Initiative at The University of Queensland. She is an experienced social science researcher and research manager, who frequently collaborates with scientists from various disciplinary backgrounds on complex research initiatives. Her main research interests fall under the broad headings of longevity, social gerontology and social sustainability, focusing specifically on issues associated with community engagement and active and healthy ageing.

Dr Nicole Walker CRC Longevity

UQ profile – Nicole Walker

Nicole Walker, MPsych (Registered Psychologist) and PhD.  Her research interests include: residential aged care (RAC); attitudes (towards: ageing; entering RAC; and RAC work force); community engagement in RAC; CALD and indigenous populations in RAC; and work integrated learning (WIL) in ageing for health disciplines. Prior to academia she held senior positions in the manufacturing and the building sectors and has initiated multiple start-ups.

The Advisory Panel

The CRC Longevity Advisory Panel are a group of esteemed Australians with a combined wealth of business and civic experience relevant to the CRC Longevity. The panel will act in an Advisory Board role, providing input and guidance to the Board at critical points throughout the life of the CRC Longevity.



Everald Compton is Chair of the CRC Longevity Panel. He is also Chairman of Longevity Alliance Australia at the University of Queensland where he is an Adjunct Professor.

He was a Founding Director of National Seniors Australia and served on the Board of Directors for 35 years, 25 years as Chair. He then served for three years as Chair of the Federal Government’s Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing.



Philip Ruddock was elected Mayor of Hornsby on 9 September 2017, after serving as Australia’s Special Envoy for Human Rights February 2016 – October 2017 and a Member of the Australian Parliament September 1973 – May 2016.

In the Australian Parliament he served in various roles including Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Attorney-General and Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Reconciliation. He was the second longest serving Member and Father of the House from 1998-2016.

He has also been a member of the International Commission of Jurists and has participated in Lawyers Beyond Borders, Initiatives of Change (formerly Moral Re-Armament) and the Global Panel Foundation. He currently serves on the Global Action Panel Australasia Advisory Board.

He was appointed Chair of the Advisory Board of the Australia China Research Institute University of Technology Sydney in early 2017.

Professor Vicki Sara AO

UQ Profile – Vicki Sara

Professor Vicki Sara was elected Chancellor of the University of Technology Sydney  from 2004-16 where she is currently Emeritus Chancellor and Professor. Professor Sara is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

Her previous appointments include Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Research Council from 2001-2004, Chair of the Council and a member of the Prime Minister’s Science Engineering and Innovation Council (PMSEIC), and the CSIRO Board  from 1997-2001, amongst many others. She is currently Chair of the Sunshine Coast Health Institute, and Honorary Professor & and Advisory Board Member for the Institute for Molecular Biosciences at the University of Queensland.

Vicki was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for distinguished service to science and higher education in 2010.

Peter Arnison CRC Longevity

UQ Profile – Peter Arnison

Major General Peter Arnison is a former senior military commander with over 37 years of distinguished service in the Australian Army.

He served as Governor of Queensland from 1997 to 2003 and was elected Chancellor of Queensland University of Technology in September 2004-2012. He was appointed Chair of the Centre for Military and Veterans’ Health, a health education and research centre comprising the Health Faculties of the University of Queensland, Adelaide University and Charles Darwin University.

He is a Companion of the Order of Australia, an Officer of the Order of Australia, a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order and a Knight of Grace of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem. He has an Economics degree from the University of Queensland and received honorary doctorates from Queensland University of Technology, the University of Queensland, Griffith University, the University of Southern Queensland and Southern Cross University.

The Researchers

Our research team represent eight of Australia’s leading universities.

Meet the experienced research team responsible for leading our research programs and platforms.

Research Program: Live Well & Prosper

Professor John Mangan CRC Longevity
Professor John Mangan

Research Leader

University of Queensland

UQ profile – John Mangan

John is the Director of the Australian Institute for Business and Economics, and a Professor or Economics within the UQ Business School. With extensive academic, editorial and consultancy experience, John is a skilled economic modeller, and a leading researcher in a number of areas including labor and social economics, human resource management, and applied micro-economics.

Helen Barrie CRC Longevity
Dr Helen Barrie

University of South Australia

UniSA profile – Helen Barrie

Helen is a Senior Researcher in Business, University of South Australia. As co-leader of the Live & Prosper theme, her research strengths in geography, demography, housing and the built environment will be utilised to explore Australia’s longevity revolution and the implications of this for society and communities.

Assoc Professor Bo Xia CRC Longevity
Associate Professor Bo Xia

Queensland University of Technology

QUT Profile – Bo Xia

Bo is an Associate Professor in Construction and Project Management at the Queensland University of Technology. His main research interests include green buildings, sustainable development, project management and housing for older people. His current research topics include sustainable retirement villages, ageing friendly built environment, and ageing in place.

Professor KK Tang CRC Longevity
Professor KK Tang

University of Queensland

UQ Profile – KK Tang

KK (Kam Ki) is a Professor in Economics at the University of Queensland. His main research interests include development, health and international economics. Current research topics include well-being and mental health spillovers, health inequality, income insecurity, and inequality in opportunity.

Dr Cristyn Meath CRC Longevity
Dr Cristyn Meath

University of Queensland Meath

As the Sustainability Research Program Leader at the Australian Institute for Business and Economics (AIBE), Cristyn collaborates with industry partners and leading scholars from around the world to deliver critical insights to organisations, policy makers and academia on emerging corporate sustainability issues.

Dr Connie Susilawati CRC Longevity
Associate Professor Connie Susilawati

Queensland University of Technology

QUT Profile – Connie Susilawati

Connie is an Associate Professor in the School of Economics and Finance at QUT Business School. Within the broad field of property economics, Connie’s research interest areas include sustainable  and affordable housing; multi-stakeholder partnerships; and international issues related to real estate education, property and infrastructure delivery management.

Dr Jonas Fooken CRC Longevity
Dr Jonas Fooken

University of Queensland

UQ Profile – Jonas Fooken

Jonas is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for the Business and Economics of Health. His research expertise is in behavioural and experimental economics as applied to public, health and labour economics. Jonas has a particular research interest in understanding the economic preferences of older adults, and studies their decisions using surveys and incentivised economic experiments.

Dr Tammy Aplin CRC Longevity
Dr Tammy Aplin

University of Queensland

UQ profile – Tammy Aplin

Tammy is a Conjoint Research Fellow at the University of Queensland and Prince Charles Hospital. Her research focuses on the home environment in a range of health and social service contexts. This includes home modifications, occupational therapy community practice, home care and housing for older adults.

Research Program: Work & Learn

Professor Cameron Newton

Research Leader

Queensland University of Technology

QUT profile – Cameron Newton

Cameron is a Professor of Organisation Behaviour at the Queensland University of Technology. He has extensive experience in industry-related applied research and advice across a broad range of industries and sectors resulting in an understanding and ability to find a common ground for collaborations that yield benefits for organisations, researchers, and students.

Professor Caryn West

Research Leader

James Cook University

JCU profile – Caryn West

Caryn is the Deputy Head of Discipline Nursing and Midwifery at James Cook University and Dean of Research for JCU Singapore where she is the Director of the Healthy Aging Pillar in the Tropical Futures Institute, Singapore. As a shared lead in the Work & Learn Platform, Prof West brings extensive experience working with diverse populations drawn together through the theme of resilience.

Professor Martin Nakata CRC Longevity
Professor Martin Nakata AM

Research Leader

James Cook University

JCU profile – Martin Nakata

Martin is the Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Education and Strategy at James Cook University. He is a Torres Strait Islander, holds a PhD in Education, and is recognised internationally as one of the leading Indigenous academics in Australia.

Emeritus Professor Cindy Gallois
Emeritus Professor Cindy Gallois

Emeritus Professor

University of Queensland

UQ Profile – Cindy Gallois

Cindy is an emeritus professor of psychology and communication at UQ, where she has worked since 1979.  Her research focuses on interpersonal and intergroup communication in health, intercultural, and organisational contexts.  She aims to apply the social psychology of communication lens to work environments where cultural change is important.

Professor Siobhan Austen CRC Longevity
Professor Siobhan Austen

Curtin University

Curtin University profile – Siobhan Austen

Siobhan is an Australian economist and Professor at Curtin University, where she is also the head of the Department of Economics and Property Studies of Curtin Business School. Her research focuses on the gender aspect of population ageing, retirement incomes and labor force participation

Professor Nancy Arthur CRC Longevity
Professor Nancy Arthur

University of South Australia

UniSA Profile – Nancy Arthur

Nancy is Dean Research for UniSA Business, University of South Australia.  As a former Canada Research Chair at the University of Calgary, Prof Arthur’s research focused on how professionals respond to global forces in the work environment and the career development of international students and workers.

Associate Professor Annette Foley CRC Longevity
Associate Professor Annette Foley

Federation University Australia

Federation profile – Annette Foley

Annette is an Associate Professor in Adult and Vocational education at Federation University Australia. Her key research area is focused on informal learning, lifelong and life-wide learning through communities of practice and its benefits for health and wellbeing. She also has a research commitment to intergenerational learning, adult community education and Vocational education and training and its benefits to engage disengaged learners.

Danny Hills CRC Longevity
Associate Professor Danny Hills

Federation University Australia

Federation profile – Danny Hills

Associate Professor Danny Hills is a Registered Nurse and Deputy Dean in the School of Health at Federation University. He is a Co-director of the Centre for Transformative Health and leads the Workforce Research Stream. Danny has a background in mental health, clinical governance and health service management, and his research interests are in health and aged care service and workforce development, workplace aggression, mental health and well-being, and ageing. He is particularly interested in mental health, well-being and workforce participation in older age. Danny is an active member of the Australian Association of Gerontology.

Zudeo Zheng CRC Longevilty
Associate Professor Zuduo Zheng

University of Queensland

UQ profile – Zuduo Zheng

Zuduo is an Associate Professor in the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Queensland, and a former DECRA Research Fellow sponsored by the Australian Research Council. His research interests lie primarily in the areas of traffic flow modelling, travel behaviour and decision making, advanced data analysis techniques (e.g., mathematical modelling, econometrics, numerical optimisation) in transport engineering, and meta-research. His research currently focuses on emerging and disruptive technologies in transport, and in connected and autonomous vehicles in particular.

Paul Harpur CRC Longevity
Associate Professor Paul Harpur

University of Queensland

UQ profile – Paul Harpur

Paul is a leading international and comparative disability rights legal academic. He is the holder of a prestigious Fulbright Future Scholarship entitled “Universally Designed for Whom? Disability, the Law and Practice of Expanding the “Normal User”. His focus on disability inclusion forms part of a group of world leading scholars across The University of Queensland who, individually and collectively, advance ability equality and promote the full realization of all human rights and fundamental freedoms for all persons with disabilities. He has legal practice and teaching expertise in teaching anti-discrimination laws, human rights, labour laws and work health and safety laws.

Research Program: Play & Engage

Associate Professor Genevieve Steiner

Research Leader

Western Sydney University

WSU profile – Genevieve Steiner

Genevieve is an NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellow at Western Sydney University and co-leads the CRC Longevity Play and Engage program.  Her research spans the prevention and treatment of dementia by harnessing new technologies, therapeutics, and lifestyle approaches to reduce risk, improve quality of life, and empower older Australians.

Professor Anne-Marie Hill

Research Leader

Curtin University

Curtin University profile – Anne-Marie Hill

Anne-Marie is a Professor in the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science at Curtin University. She holds an NHMRC EL2 Investigator grant (2020-25). Anne-Marie has worked clinically with older people for over 30 years, has obtained over $11M in research funding and has over 100 publications on Ageing. Anne-Marie’s interests are in healthy ageing and promotion of older adult physical activity.

Associate Professor Sonja Pedell

Research Leader

Swinburne University of Technology

SUT profile – Sonja Pedell

Sonja is Director of Swinburne University’s Future Self and Design Living Lab with core development capabilities in co-creating innovative socio-technical systems, products and service design solutions for health and wellbeing with a focus on engaging the ageing population and people living with dementia.

Professor Nikos Ntoumanis CRC Longevity
Professor Nikos Ntoumanis

Curtin University

Curtin University profile – Nikos Ntoumanis

Nikos is a John Curtin Distinguished Professor at Curtin University. He is interested in the psychology of health behaviour change and research in motivation for physical activity promotion.

Dr Cecilie Thogerson-Ntoumanis CRC Longevity
Professor Cecilie Thogerson-Ntoumani

Curtin University

Curtin University profile – Cecilie Thogerson-Ntoumani

Cecilie is Research Professor and a co-founder of the Physical Activity and Well-Being Research Group in the School of Psychology at Curtin University. Her research in the Play & Engage theme will use psychological theory to design community programs that foster physical activity and well-being for older people.

Professor Helen Hodgson CRC Longevity
Professor Helen Hodgson

Curtin University

Curtin University profile – Helen Hodgson

Helen in a Professor at Curtin Law School and Director of Graduate Research.  Her research is in the areas where tax and social policy intersect: superannuation, housing and inequality. She has contributed to policy review in superannuation and the tax and transfer system.

Professor Gaynor Parfitt CRC Longevity
Professor Gaynor Parfitt

University of South Australia

UniSA Profile – Gaynor Parfitt

Gaynor is a Professor in Exercise and Health Science at the University of South Australia.  She has expertise in the evaluation of acute and chronic effects of exercise on psychological responses, and methods to motivate behaviour change within community and rehabilitation environments. Recent research includes the assessment of movement behavior, and impact of medication on physical activity and health in older adults.”

Professor Stewart Lockie CRC Longevity
Professor Stewart Lockie

James Cook University

JCU Profile – Stewart Lockie

Stewart is Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Director of the Cairns Institute at James Cook University. His research and professional service address sustainable development, social impact assessment, environmental governance and institutional capacity building in the education sector.

DR Celia Harris CRC Longevity
Dr Celia Harris

Western Sydney University

WSU Profile – Celia Harris

Celia is Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow in Cognitive Neuroscience at the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour, and Development at Western Sydney University. She studies how individual cognition, memory, and identity occur within a broader context, such that thinking, remembering, and having a sense of self happens in interaction between people, their social groups, physical environment, and activities. Her research mission is to enhance cognition and wellbeing across the lifespan by creating social and material environments that best support cognition.

Dr Theresa Scott CRC Longevity
Dr Theresa Scott

University of Queensland

UQ Profile – Theresa Scott

Theresa is an NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellow and Lecturer in Clinical Geropsychology in the School of Psychology. Her research and teaching is focused on healthy ageing, supporting the functionality and independence of persons living with dementia, and evidence-based complementary and expressive therapies in later life.

Dr Chris Mesagno CRC Longevity
Associate Professor Christopher Mesagno

Federation University Australia

Federation profile – Christopher Mesagno

Christopher is an Associate Professor in Exercise and Sport Psychology at Federation University Australia. His interest in sport, physical activity, and improving mental health outcomes has led to his recent research focusing on how exercise and social support affect depressive symptoms in older adults. He is also involved in a research team investigating the mental, and physical, health benefits of a modified walking basketball program for older adults.

Prof Jenny Fleming CRC Longevity
Professor Jennifer Fleming

University of Queensland

Federation profile – Jennifer Fleming

Jennifer is Head of Occupational Therapy at The University of Queensland. Her research focuses on enhancing engagement in meaningful occupations, community participation and psychosocial well-being through the use of smart technology, healthy routines, environmental modifications and social supports.

Research Platform: Data & Digital

Professor Kate Stevens

Platform Leader

Western Sydney University

WSU Profile – Kate Stevens

Kate is a cognitive scientist and Director of MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour & Development at Western Sydney University and Pro Vice-Chancellor STEM.

Professor David Lovell CRC Longevity
Professor David Lovell

Platform Leader

Queensland University of Technology

QUT Profile – David Lovell

David is Deputy Director of QUT’s Centre for Data Science in which he leads the Data-Focused Decision Making research program. David’s research interests lie at the intersection of humanity, science and technology, particularly data science. He has extensive experience in working with a range of industries, disciplines and stakeholders to gain meaning, insight and benefit from data.

Professor Ickjai Lee CRC Longevity
Professor Ickjai Lee

Platform Leader

James Cook University

JCU Profile – Ickjai Lee

Ickjai is Head, Information Technology at the College of Science and Engineering, James Cook University. He is an active researcher in the area of applied Artificial Intelligence and is interested in applying cutting-edge technologies to diverse disciplines to solve domain specific problems. His particular research interests include data mining, machine learning approaches, deep learning, pattern mining, and visualisation techniques.

Professor Kerrie Mengersen CRC Longevity
Distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen

Queensland University of Technology

QUT Profile – Kerrie Mengersen

Kerrie is an Australian Laurete Fellow and Professor of Statistics in the School of Mathematical Sciences at QUT.  She focuses on using and developing new statistical and computational methods that can help to solve complex problems in the real world. These problems are in the fields of environment, genetics, health and medicine, and industry.

Thom Saunders CRC Longevity
Thom Saunders

Queensland University of Technology

QUT Profile – Thom Saunders

Thom is a senior user experience designer with over 20 years of hands-on experience in UX/UI design, concept development, creative direction for rich internet applications across multiple digital platforms. Thom is the founder of the award winning Interactive Data Visualisation Company, ZONE4 –

Gavin Winter CRC Longevity
Gavin Winter

Queensland University of Technology

QUT profile – Gavin Winter

Gavin is the manager of the Visualisation and eResearch team at IFE at the Queensland University of Technology. He was the Project Manager for The Cube during its design, engineering, and implementation and maintains a key role in the strategic planning of The Cube and QUT’s technology research and development capacity.

Dr Bronson Philippa CRC Longevity
Dr Bronson Phillipa

James Cook University

JCU profile – Bronson Philippa

Bronson is a Senior Lecturer in the Electronic Systems and Internet of Things Engineering group at James Cook University. His research interests include electronics, software, data science and machine learning.

Dr Tao Huang CRC Longevity
Dr Tao Huang

James Cook University

JCU Profile – Tao Huang

Tao (Kevin) Huang is a lecturer in Electronic Systems and Internet of Things (IoT) Engineering at James Cook University. Prior to academia, he held various positions in industry such as senior software engineer, senior data scientist, project team lead and technical authority. His research interests cover various aspects of IoT technology, including wireless communications, digital data technology and deep learning for data analytics.

Research Platform: Health

Professor Sally Bennett

Platform Leader

University of Queensland

UQ profile – Sally Bennett

Sally is a Professor in Occupational Therapy in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at The University of Queensland. Her research and teaching expertise is in translating research evidence to improve the health and well-being of older adults, particularly those living with dementia.

Professor Colette Browning

Platform Leader

Federation University Australia

Federation profile – Colette Browning

Colette is a Professor in the School of Nursing and Healthcare Professions at Federation University. She is an accredited health psychologist with internationally acclaimed expertise in ageing, behaviour change, chronic disease management and implementation research. Her research has been instrumental in informing health and age care policy in Australia.

Dr Anthony Tuckett CRC Longevity
Associate Professor Anthony Tuckett

Curtin University

Research Profile – Anthony Tuckett

Anthony’s population ageing research emphasises community dwelling older people as a citizen scientist. He has been a leader in the theory, evidence-base and introduction of citizen science into the nursing profession.

Professor Stephen Birch CRC Longevity
Professor Stephen Birch

University of Queensland

UQ profile – Stephen Birch

Stephen is Director of the Centre for Business and Economics of Health at the University of Queensland. He has over 30 years of experience working with health care partners, and is a pioneer in the field of health economics.

Professor Simon Smith CRC Longevity
Professor Simon Smith

University of Queensland

UQ profile – Simon Smith

Simon is Professor of Sleep and Health in the Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) at UQ. He has particular experience in sleep health and sleep disorders across the lifespan.

Assoc Professor Abdullah Mamun CRC Longevity
Associate Professor Abdullah Mamun

University of Queensland

UQ profile – Abdullah Mamun

Abdullah is a Research Scientist at the Institute for Social Science Research. He has an outstanding research record of accomplishment in life course epidemiology of chronic diseases and longitudinal methodology. His research advances our understanding of the biological and environmental contexts that shape the healthy ageing of humans.

Dr Theresa Scott CRC Longevity
Dr Theresa Scott

University of Queensland

UQ Profile – Theresa Scott

In addition to her role on our Play & Engage research team,  Theresa is also part of our Health platform team.

Professor James Dimmock CRC Longevity
Professor James Dimmock

James Cook University

JCU Profile – James Dimmock

James is a Professor of Psychology at James Cook University and co-chair of the award-winning Psychology of Active, Healthy Living group. His research is focused on health psychology and health behaviour change, and he is particularly interested in translational, applied work in these areas.

DR Olivia Wright CRC Longevity
Dr Olivia Wright

University of Queensland

UQ profile – Olivia Wright

Olivia is a Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics at the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences at the University of Queensland. She is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and leads research in food science, nutrition, frailty and chronic disease.

Assoc Prof Venerina Johnston CRC Longevity
Associate Professor Venerina Johnston

University of Queensland

UQ profile – Venerina Johnston

Venerina is an occupational health physiotherapist conducting research on maintaining and improving work participation for those with compensable (musculoskeletal and mental health conditions) and non-compensable (eg cancer, brain injury, osteoarthritis) conditions and the ageing worker.

Dr Veronique Chachay CRC Longevity
Dr Veronique Chachay

University of Queensland

UQ profile – Veronique Chachay

Veronique is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, lecturer and research academic in the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences at the University of Queensland. She has particular expertise in the translation of nutrition science into clinical practice for optimal energy balance, metabolic and gut health, and healthspan.

Prof Louise Hickson CRC Longevity
Professor Louise Hickson

University of Queensland

UQ profile – Louise Hickson

Louise is Professor of Audiology and Associate Dean External Engagement in the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences at The University of Queensland. Her research expertise is in age-related hearing changes and the implementation of evidence-based interventions to improve quality of life for older adults and their families.

Professor Trevor Russell CRC Longevity
Professor Trevor Russell

University of Queensland

UQ profile – Trevor Russell

Trevor is a Professor of Physiotherapy and Director of the RECOVER Injury Research Centre at the University of Queensland. His expertise is in the use of digital technologies for the provision of clinical service across many areas of health. Trevor has a particular interest in the use of telerehabilitation technologies for the provision of rehabilitation service into the home and his research is amongst the earliest and most extensive in this field.

Prof Janet McColl-Kennedy CRC Longevity
Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy

University of Queensland

UQ profile – Janet McColl-Kennedy

Janet is Director of Research of the Business School at the University of Queensland. She has over 30 years of experience working with service organisations much of this work has focused on health care partners. She is known internationally for her work in service experience, including patient experience, patient-centred care and data analytics.

Dr Tracy Sherwood Washington CRC Longevity
Dr Tracy Sherwood Washington

Queensland University of Technology

QUT profile – Tracy Sherwood Washington

Tracy is a lecturer in the School of Built Environment in the faculty of Science and Engineering at Queensland University of Technology. She is an exercise physiologist and transdisciplinary researcher who focuses on policy and enhancing the ways in which environments support active and healthy living.

Professor Brenda Gannon CRC Longevity
Professor Brenda Gannon

University of Queensland

UQ profile – Brenda Gannon

Brenda is an international expert in the field of Health Economics of Ageing and Longevity, and has worked with interdisciplinary teams, on several topics including physical activity and cognition, health shocks and health care utilisation, consumer directed care and home care. She is influential in translational research and informing policy to positively impact many older people globally.

Dr Aziz Rahman
Associate Professor Muhammad Aziz Rahman

Federation University Australia

Federation profile – Aziz Rahman

Aziz is an Associate Professor of Public Health at Federation University Australia. He is an experienced academic and a public health physician with a record of leadership in research and community projects, successfully focusing on aspects of public health and health promotion. His research includes work on tobacco control, non-communicable diseases, global burden of diseases, health and wellbeing of disadvantaged, rural and multicultural populations.

Meng-Wong Taing
Dr Meng-Wong Taing

University of Queensland

UQ profile – Meng-Wong Taing

Dr Meng-Wong Taing (Wong) is a registered clinical pharmacist and completed his PhD in 2013. In 2014, Wong joined the School of Pharmacy as a Lecturer and was awarded the Dean’s commendation for Research Higher Degree Excellence. Wong’s current research themes have a strong commitment in facilitating extended roles for pharmacists and other health care providers to improve patient outcomes. He is particularly interested in developing evidence for collaborative healthcare models in Australia. Wong is also completing his Masters in Biostatistics through the Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia.

Research Platform: Business, Policies and Regulations

Professor Elizabeth Spencer CRC Longevity
Professor Elizabeth Spencer

Platform Leader

James Cook University

JCU profile – Elizabeth Spencer

Liz is currently Professor and Head of Law at James Cook University. She is internationally known for her scholarship and analysis of contractual, commercial and consumer-related and governance issues. Liz’ ongoing research relates to legal relationships as they impact, reflect and influence power dynamics and governance. Her current focus of research and scholarship develops related themes in governance in the longevity revolution, e.g. how policy settings and legal infrastructure can help optimise choices for longevity.

Associate Professor Jacob Wood
Associate Professor Jacob Wood

Platform Leader

James Cook University

JCU profile – Jacob Wood

Jacob is an Associate Professor of Business at James Cook University. He currently holds several important research positions, including the Associate Dean of Research (ADR) for the College of Business, Law, and Governance (JCU Australia) and the ADR for Business, IT, and Science (JCU Singapore). In addition to this he is also the Director of the Centre for International Trade and Business in Asia (CITBA). His research interests focus on issues in the fields of development and environmental economics and international trade. He also has research interests in employee engagement and work/life balance.

Dr Aron Pernyi
Dr Áron Perenyi

Platform Leader

Swinburne University

Swinburne Profile: Áron Perenyi

Áron is a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Swinburne University of Technology, and an advocate of research with real world, practical relevancy and impact. As an academic, Áron specialises in entrepreneurship, international business, economic development and social marketing in transitional and emerging countries and contexts. His current research focus includes senior entrepreneurship, as a vehicle for facilitating active ageing, sustained utilisation of high value human and social capital, and the long-term balancing of dependencies in societies due to the growing proportion of ageing population.

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