Meet our Partners

Listen to a series of conversations with our Industry Partners about longevity,  the longevity economy in Australia, and why they’ve partnered with CRC Longevity.

Fresh Hope

Fresh Hope Care provides services to help support local communities throughout New South Wales. Since 1938, they have delivered care, accommodation and services to people as their lives and needs change, promoting ageing in place.

In these videos, Research Director Prof. Laurie Buys speaks with Lynn Bailey, Scott Griffiths and Daniel Dwyer about why Fresh Hope decided to partner with CRC Longevity, why they think longevity is important, and how the CRC will help future proof Fresh Hope.

To also watch the full conversation between Lynn Bailey and Bob Murray from CRC Longevity industry partner Fortinberry Murray, please check out the Fortinberry Murray conversation series.

A conversation about CRC Longevity with Fresh Hope.
Why the timing of CRC Longevity is right: Lynn Bailey, Fresh Hope.
The value of other industry partners: Lynn Bailey, Fresh Hope.
What does CRC Longevity offer Fresh Hope that can’t be done in-house?
Why partnering with CRC Longevity during Covid-19 is the right time.
Why is longevity important: Scott Griffiths, Fresh Hope.
Future proofing Fresh Hope with CRC Longevity.
The value of the CRC Longevity network: Daniel Dwyer, Fresh Hope.
The value of research in designing senior living: Lynn Bailey (1:05 mins)
CRC Longevity brings together the research capability of 90+ industry partners: Lynn Bailey (1:11 mins)

Donald Simpson Community Centre

Donald Simpson Community Centre provides a venue for social, intellectual and physical activities for the seniors and future seniors of the Redland community and neighbouring areas.

In these videos, CRC Longevity Research Director Professor Laurie Buys speaks with CEO Thomas Jithin and Board Chairman Tony Christinson about longevity, and why they decided to get involved with the CRC Longevity.

A conversation about CRC Longevity with Donald Simpson Community Centre.
People aged 60+ are still willing to work: Thomas Jithin.
Changing perceptions of seniors in the community: Tony Christinson.
The value of longevity data: Tony Christinson.

Community Information Support Services

Community Information Support Services is a Not-for-Profit social enterprise established to support the health and well-being of Australians through the use of community information.

In these videos, CRC Longevity Data & Digital Platform Leader Professor David Lovell speaks with Executive Director Brentyn Parkin about longevity data and information, and the value of bringing this together in the CRC.

A conversation about CRC Longevity with Community Information Support Services (9:03 mins)
Bringing focus to Australian longevity research: Brentyn Parkin (1:16 min)
Centralising longevity data sources to meet growing demand for data: Brentyn Parkin (1:19 min)
Creating new forms of our economy by working together: Brentyn Parkin (1:06 min)

My Neighbourhood

My Neighbourhood helps new communities grow. They offer tailored community development services to residential property developers and Local Government Authorities to develop engaged and authentic places.

In these videos, CRC Longevity Research Director Professor Laurie Buys speaks with My Neighbourhood Founder & Director Chris Bracher about longevity, communities and why he decided to get involved in CRC Longevity.

A conversation about CRC Longevity with My Neighbourhood (7:27 mins)
The value of working with the academic community: Chris Bracher (1 min)
How CRC Longevity is uniting us in purpose: Chris Bracher (1:33 mins)

Fortinberry Murray

Fortinberry Murray are globally recognized thought leaders in behavioral science and business management. Bob and Alicia have devoted their professional careers over three decades to combatting myths about what human beings are all about. They are committed to arming people and businesses with the knowledge and practical skills to build the organizations, communities, families and relationships that are compatible with our “design specs” and enable people to be healthy and fulfilled.

In these videos, CRC Longevity Research Director Professor Laurie Buys speaks with Principal Bob Murray, together with Lynn Bailey, Executive General Manager at Fresh Hope Care. For video excerpts of Lynn from this interview, please see the Fresh Hope Care conversations.

A conversation about CRC Longevity with Fortinberry Murray and Fresh Hope Care (25:36 mins)
We need to tackle the challenges of ageing earlier: Bob Murray (59 secs)
The importance of continuing to learn as we age: Bob Murray (48 secs)

Catherine Rickwood

Dr Catherine Rickwood is constantly curious about what people believe about becoming older and is unafraid to challenge the status quo. She believes that life for people, organisations, communities and the planet can be enriched if we explore our preconceived ideas about how we age.

In these videos, Catherine speaks with Paulette Oldfield, City Transformation Program Leader from CRC Longevity industry partner Logan City Council, about longevity in communities and workplaces, and the value of CRC Longevity.

Retirement is redundant: watch Catherine’s TEDxCanberra talk from 2018.
Catherine in conversation with Paulette Oldfield about CRC Longevity (18:23 mins)
Why people of all ages need to challenge assumptions about ageing: Catherine Rickwood (1:10 mins)
Rethinking the educate, work, retire norm: Dr Catherine Rickwood (1:23 mins)
Intergenerational job sharing: Dr Catherine Rickwood (1:08 mins)
Longevity data will help shape the future of work: Dr Catherine Rickwood (45 secs)
Supporting longevity in workplaces: Dr Catherine Rickwood (1:14 mins)

Logan City Council

Located between Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast, Logan City is home to more than 300,000 people from more than 185 different cultures. Logan is also a very young city with around 50 per cent of residents aged 30 or younger, and is known as one of the most diverse cities in Australia.

In these videos, Paulette Oldfield, City Transformation Program Leader for Logan City Council, speaks with CRC Longevity industry partner Dr Catherine Rickwood about longevity in communities and workplaces, and the value of CRC Longevity.

Paulette in conversation with Dr Catherine Rickwood about CRC Longevity (18:23 mins)
Employment and prosperity for economic development: Paulette Oldfield (43 secs)
Connecting community members across the age spectrum: Paulette Oldfield (51 secs)
Helping create longevity for small business: Paulette Oldfield (1:20 mins)

Australian Unity

Established in 1840, Australian Unity was Australia’s first member-owned wellbeing company, delivering health, wealth and care services. At Australian Unity, real wellbeing means so much more than physical health. It’s about your standard of living and feeling safe in your home. It’s your personal relationships and being connected to your community. It’s about what you want to achieve in life, while having the security to get out and do what makes you happy.

In these videos, Beverly Smith, Executive General Manager Residential Communities, speaks with CRC Longevity Research Director Professor Laurie Buys about CRC Longevity and it’s value the Australian community.

Beverly in conversation with Laurie about CRC Longevity (14 mins)
Providing products, services and experiences for the ‘third third’ of life: Beverly Smith (1:03 mins)
Longevity isn’t just a health issue: Beverly Smith (1:09 mins)
What the diversity of the CRC Longevity partners signals: Beverly Smith (1:06 mins)
Longevity data is critical for investment decisions: Beverly Smith (0:53 secs)
Bringing together industry and researchers will help industry be more strategic: Beverly Smith (1 min)
Showcasing what we learn about longevity to the rest of the world: Beverly Smith (1:06 mins)
Co-designing brings rigour to new longevity products and services Beverly Smith (1:05 mins)
Is CRC Longevity all about new products and services? Beverly Smith (0:37 secs)

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