The Longevity Atlas

A key deliverable of CRC Longevity is the Longevity Atlas.

One of our greatest challenges in leveraging the longevity bonus is understanding what our very large group of older people want, need and aspire to. They are a diverse group, yet much of the existing research from around the world only gives us a narrow snapshot that is out of date the moment it’s collected.

The longevity data hub will bring together diverse datasets into one hub. The Longevity Atlas will visualise this complex data, giving us deeper insights to make better and more effective decisions.

The Longevity Atlas

The Virtual Village

CRC Longevity Virtual Village

The Longevity Virtual Village will provide a source of continuous data for the Longevity Atlas to enable us to develop a deep understanding of the complexity of daily life for older Australians.

It will bring together people (of all ages) across Australia to engage and interact about the longevity issues that matter. It will be a platform for industry, government and NGOs to engage meaningfully and across time with a very diverse group of people, and co-design new products, services and policies to meet the changing needs of Australians as we age.

Using a ‘ready made’ village of 10,000 diverse people (across Australia) that we already have access to as our base, we aim to have 100,000 virtual villagers within 18-24 months.

Who can join the village?

People of all ages from across Australia will be able to join, creating a diverse, multi-generational village.

How will the village work?

The village will be interactive. Members will engage in almost all aspects of the research, from project development to data collection, and analyses to implementation.  This is the opportunity to deeply understand what is happening for people and within communities.

The village will be reciprocal. We will raise topics that we want information about, and members can raise  topics that are of interest to them. Members will also get access to research outcomes, seminars and workshops. It is a truly a two-way street in the virtual village.

What are the benefits of the village?

Benefits for industry:  organisations need a deep understanding of what people want, need and desire to make good business decisions.  But what people say they want and how they spend their money can be two very different things. The village will give industry the chance to ‘get close’ to the customer – to co-design with them and rapid pilot/test innovation before going to market.

Benefits for people:  most products and services are delivered to older people, which they are expected to accept. The virtual village is an opportunity for older people to have a say and be heard, and to co-create what they truly need and want for their lives as they age.

Bringing it all together

Prof. David Lovell explains how we will bring together data in the longevity atlas, data hub and virtual village as part of CRC Longevity.

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