Our Objectives & Priority Areas

Our research objectives are focused around three overarching focus areas:

Live Well & Prosper
Work & Learn
Play & Engage

To achieve these objectives and our overall vision of driving economic growth from Australia’s Longevity Bonus, three research programs have been identified that will deliver high impact outcomes to radically transform our economic and social assets for an ageing population.

CRC Longevity Research Objectives

Proposed Interconnected Research Programs

CRC Longevity Research Programs

Proposed Outputs & Activities

CRC Longevity Research Outcomes Program 1
CRC Longevity Research Program Outcomes 2
CRC Longevity Research Program Outcomes 3


CRC Longevity Deliverables

Education and Training Programs

Accelerating the opportunities from significant demographic shifts requires Australia to strategically approach target educational and training programs, vocational, professional degrees, and postgraduate research to support the growing needs and challenges posed by an increased longevity.

Outcomes from this crosscutting area will include:

  • Improvement of targeted and accredited research-oriented and vocational training programs.
  • Fostering a strong postgraduate and post-doctoral community with a culture of industry engagement and innovation.
  • Development of a trained workforce that is equipped with the appropriate skills to meet the challenges of this rapidly emerging industry.
  • A program of community engagement to highlight the benefits and trade-offs associated with innovation and development.
  • Provision of leadership for, and engagement with, global researcher and industry fora at the cutting edge of offshore developments.

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