“This is not just about improving the situation for individuals, critical though that is. Deloitte Access Economics estimates a 3 per cent increase in participation by the over 55s would generate a $33 billion annual boost to the national economy.”

Dr Kay Patterson (2019, Age Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission)

The immediate beneficiaries of the CRC Longevity are the end-users of the CRC Longevity research – the industry, government and NGO partners who will turn the research outputs into economic and social opportunities to benefit the Australian economy and community.

Ultimately the net benefit to older Australians of the future will also be significant as the interconnected effects cascade through improved products, services and policies to meet their lifestyle, economic and wellbeing needs.

The CRC Longevity will drive economic growth across the Australian economy, specifically in organisations that require market intelligence, competitive business data and live testing environments. The CRC Longevity outputs will drive the development of new, high-quality and tailored products, services and policies that account for the social and economic impact that longevity will likely have on their customers and businesses.

Industry stakeholders who can benefit from the CRC Longevity outputs include:

CRC Longevity interested stakeholders

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